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Collections by Faurecia: the 'Trendset Cities'

With its “Trendset Cities” line, Collections by Faurecia introduces five interior styling themes inspired by the cities of Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Seoul:

  • Atmosphere — Sophisticated motifs inspired by a rainy day in a city steeped in history.
  • Coral Invasion — Street tags and sharp lines that liven up colorless walls, inspired by the underground culture and other avant-garde movements.
  • Sunny Shades — A seafront bathed in heat and sunlight, with a collection of surf, wave and sun motifs, inspired by the light of the American southwest.
  • Light Tech — The reflection of colored neon lights on towering glass high-rises for an ultra-contemporary, luminescent theme.
  • Mineral — A walk through a frost-covered park inspired by the shape and texture of rocks and minerals.

Each theme is presented in its own trendy setting, with samples of colors, materials, patterns and grains integrated on squares manufactured as tiles with interchangeable segments. Among the materials used in these mosaics are plastic, wood, aluminum and composites. In all, Collections by Faurecia offers five trends; 30 paint colors with five laser etching patterns; 18 different film patterns; 10 color combinations of slush skins for doors and instrument panels. With such details as stitching and piping; four grain designs; 17 wood Ligneos products; and 25 different patterns of aluminum, the collection can be arranged into millions of patterns and surfaces.

A video-based visual demonstrator shows exactly how the Collections by Faurecia combinations may be applied to create three different types of interiors: Eco(Logical), Performance and Contemporary Luxury.

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Unconventional uses of natural, sustainable materials

Three additional displays are dedicated to illustrating how natural, sustainable materials can be applied in unconventional ways to further their adoption by vehicle designers. Faurecia Interior Systems’ design philosophy for these displays centers on making natural materials visible, rather than hiding the inner surfaces of structures; using new methods to add design and individuality to components created from natural materials; and contributing to light-weighting.

The first of these displays features Ligneco, a new approach to a proven material from Faurecia that combines natural fibers with plastics to form a composite. The resulting component is then covered with a foil layer to protect and enhance the material.

The third display shows the possibilities for using wood and other natural substances with decoration. These applications are designed to add new types of decoration, such as embossing, printing or covering, and such functionalities as lighting and controls through an attractive surface that can be decorated and backlit.