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Urban Rhythm, uniquely engineered for uncommon comfort and safety

Faurecia Automotive Seating has created a seat that moves with occupants as they ride, constantly tuning its shape and support for exceptional comfort and command of the driving experience. Advancing the compliant shell introduced by Faurecia in 2011, Urban Rhythm offers a complete dynamic system that includes a compliant seat cushion and compliant head restraint.

Its responsive thermoplastic surfaces move with the occupant’s body size, shape and posture throughout the journey, as the vehicle accelerates and decelerates, rounds curves and climbs hills, to offer increased support to the lumbar region, pelvis and upper shoulders, all in a synchronized manner. As a result, the biomimetic surfaces dynamically reconfigure their shapes to furnish superior pressure distribution, compared to conventional seats.

The Compliant Cushion contributes to long-term riding and driving comfort. The compliant headrest is connected remotely to, and works in coordination with the compliant backrest shell. If an occupant slouches forward in the seat, the shoulders and head move forward in a coordinated way. The compliant shell and head restraint reflect this movement, maintaining contact to protect the head from whiplash in a rear-end collision.

Urban Rhythm’s thin seatback provides approximately 70 mm (2.8 in.) of additional knee space in the rear-passenger section. Its angled manual seat adjustment tracks accommodate people of any height without any additional height-adjustment device. When a single handle unit is pushed down, the seat is adjusted to move forward and upward at the same time or back and down.

The seat, which fits into conventional metal seat frames, takes on the appearance of draped pleats that seem to have flowed down, across and around the seat. The seat covers are shaped using Faurecia’s proprietary cover carving technology.

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Oasis, innovation you can feel from head to toe

For the chauffeured traveler, Faurecia Automotive Seating introduces Oasis, a luxurious customized personal space with a combination high-tech office, entertainment center and spa at the occupant’s fingertips.

The seat offers four positions: the entry configuration for entering the vehicle, the upright business position for working and communicating, the entertainment position for enjoying video and audio and the nearly reclined relaxation position.

In the business position, the passenger works from a large, adjustable screen mounted on the back of the front seat. Once seated, a “hot key” emerges from a human-machine interface (HMI) at the passenger’s left hand. With the HMI, the passenger controls all the functions of work, entertainment and comfort systems enveloping the seat, with no more need to choose from among the dozens of buttons and switches that complicate other limousines. On-screen menus and gestures carry out the functions instead. Speakers integrated into the headrest generate high-quality surround sound. The voice of each participant on a conference call seems to come from a separate direction — just as voices would around a conference table.

The entertainment position is designed for watching movies and enjoying music. All selections are controlled via the HMI in the center console.

In the reclined position, the passenger is supported by individually adjustable leg rests, and the headrest is released to transform into a neck roll. Once reclined, the occupant can command 20 massagers that are applied to the shoulder, back, seat cushion and calves.

In every position, a very small head-tracking camera mounted in the back of the front seat detects the height of the Oasis occupant and automatically adjusts the headrest to the right position while simultaneously adjusting the cushion length and side bolster for optimum comfort.

The overall seat is fashioned from high-quality leather that is perforated to help manage humidity and temperature for the occupant.

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Mercedes-Benz GL-Class seats

Faurecia has developed pneumatic seat comfort systems for the optional multi-contour seat of the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class to provide seat adjustment and comfort massage. All seat comfort and massage adjustments are easily controlled from the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system and its central color display, which shows a photorealistic image of the seat and enables the occupant to select the desired settings.

The seat functions comprise adjustments for lumbar support, seat backrest width and seat cushion length. The lumbar support consists of two air chambers that can be controlled separately or jointly. Seat backrest width adjustment also works with two air chambers, and the seat cushion length adjustment is carried out by three air chambers inflated or deflated simultaneously to offer the best leg and knee support.

Comfort massage functions incorporate seven microcomputer-managed massage air chambers in the seat backrest. The massage program lasts five minutes and can be restarted after the cycle has finished. The speed and intensity of back massage can be individually adjusted. Passengers have a choice of numerous settings, ranging from “slow and gentle” to “fast and intense”.

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